Our Company's Philosophy

In our company, we seek fulfillment through vision, imagination and hard work, creating exciting and appropriate approaches to our customers’ businesses.
Our policy is to produce high quality products combined with marketing that is reliable and sincere.


Our company places the highest premium on business relationships.
For us, growth is an organic process, and the nurturing of such human relationships in business is like tending the roots of the plant, developing them through care and attention to become the root system that supports the creation of the great tree.
Our name is FELIC, derived from the qualities that we ceaselessly strive to maintain: Fun, Excitement, Leadership, Integrity and Challenge.
These lie at the heart of our endeavor to achieve excellence in our sphere of business.

CEO Nobuo Tao

Company overview

Company name FELIC Inc.
Headoffice Toyoshima Bldg.10F, 2-1, Kanda-iwamotocho,
Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0033
CEO Nobuo Tao
Established December 2003
Paid up Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 24
Business Content Product,sales and processing of printable wear